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Our Design Process

As Architects, we follow the RIBA Plan of Works within our design process, which spans from our initial meeting and site visits to building completion and handover. The below suite of stages is based on a 'Full Architects Service' in which we can tailor our scope and role to your project requirements and programme.

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RIBA Stage 01 - Strategic Definition, Preparation & Brief

RIBA Stage 02 - Concept Ⅾesign

We start by listening, listening to your initial thoughts and ideas, budget, timescales, and any other considerations for the project such as space requirements; ultimately, these combined begin to define your overarching project aspirations. From here we begin to carry out feasibility studies to assess various options with you, considering the pros and cons of each scheme. 

Once complete, we are able to understand a more narrowed design direction for the project which forms the strategic brief. This allows us to identify the necessary design team members and other consultants that would be required for the project, such as Structural Engineers, Party Wall Surveyors, Landscape Designers, etc.

In Stage 2 we begin to visualise your project through 3D models and drawings. We present the evolving design concepts and options to you via fortnightly meetings based on the project programme. As we develop the design, each concept iteration  becomes more detailed in both its realisation and through our method of representation. We like to present our projects through rendered animations which allows you to get a more immersed understanding of the eventual spaces. 

Depending on the project specifics, complexity or site sensitivity, we often involve planning consultants or look to submit an informal pre-application to seek advice from the council. 


RIBA Stage 03 - Spatial Coordination & Developed Design

Developing on from the previous stage we narrow down the design to a singular option where we coordinate the architecture with structural elements and building services to allow for their integration whilst developing the general detailing of the proposal.


This stage ultimately allows us to correctly space-proof the primary architectural elements and build-ups to ensure they comply with Building Regulation standards. We will then compile your planning application pack/drawings in preparation for submission to the local authority, liaising with the council until its determination.


RIBA Stage 05 - Construction

We will tailor our level of input at Stage 5 to your project requirements and can provide contract administration services. In addition, we can attend regular site visits to check that work is proceeding smoothly and in line with the construction drawings and specifications.  


RIBA Stage 04 - Technical Design 

Upon obtaining planning permission we will move into the Technical detailing phase of the project, where we produce a pack of detailed drawings and specifications which are submitted to Building Control. In addition, the drawings are developed to a level of detail where they can be sent to building contractors for pricing. 


This allows you to undertake a competitive tender with a minimum of 3 contractors. This offers you the chance to compare quotes accurately. Depending on the level of our scope, we can manage this phase, helping to identify, vet and shortlist suitable contractors on your behalf. 


RIBA Stage 06 - Handover & Close Out

Once construction is complete we can undertake final site inspections and snagging lists for the project whilst resolving any outstanding works with the contractor that are required by Building Control for your completion certificate.  

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